31/46: Highlights, Bolton at Blues

We’ll try and post these without scores, especially for the mid-week games so that if you haven’t seen the game the result isn’t spoiled (here in the States mid-week games are on during the work day). Also will make a conscious effort to post videos available outside the UK, as BBC/Sky highlights are geo-blocked (reminder: VPN is your friend).

31/46: Bolton Preview

Bolton_Wanderers_FC_logoTonight’s game is a visit from Bolton, against a side that is quite literally hanging on for dear life, both financially and in the table.
Yesterday, news broke that a consortium has moved to purchase Bolton for the meager sum of £7.5M (with reportedly an extra £12.5 in time). Of course, the deep discount is due to the deep debt the club find itself in. Bolton’s troubles lay with what I would have to assume would be some frivolous spending habits to say the least, that landed the team nearly £175M in debt and unable to pay staff wages. To make matters worse, the team is dead last in the Championship and fighting for their league status six points adrift. The new owners appear to be able to pay the team’s£2.2M tax bill, which would keep the team afloat:

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Blue Notes: Blues in the Playoffs…

bluesabroad-socialmediaWell, if you only count games played in 2016 that is. At the Mail, Brian Dick shows that Blues are 5th in the form table in 2016 with a 3-3-1 record and 12 points. Despite capitulation against Wednesday and draw at Rotherham, Blues are still on a good run. A long rest before a home matchup against Bolton could be a very favorable match up, and the playoff push can keep rolling on.

First Half

  • Often Partisan laments the lack of game coverage from Saturday’s tilt and the state of journalism (writing?) in general. There’s a validity in getting people’s thoughts and reactions but I can certainly agree that there’s no news at all — or much interesting for that matter — in pulling some tweets together and writing an article saying “fans are mad.” Well, If I go on Twitter at any point in the day I can find a dozen mad fans, a dozen happy, and six who don’t know what the hell to think about anything. Twitter is great, and useful, but it’s also very easy to selectively pull together tweets that fit your particular narrative. All that said, the great thing about everyone participating in journalism/blogging and social media is that we get a lot more content, and a lot more opinions, thoughts and facts than we ever had before. You take the good with the bad. The tactical analysis with the clickbait. There’s no longer the need to be spoon fed from only a few outlets that hold the cards.
  • View from the South does have a detailed write up on the game, check that out.

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SOTV: Valentine’s Day Drubbing

CaptureIn the middle Premier League fixture today, Villa took on Liverpool at Villa Park. With it, came another nail in the coffin of Villa’s Premier League future. Goals from six different Liverpool players marked Villa’s worst home loss in 81 years.

The main reason I’m posting about this is because former Reds defender Jamie Carragher was absolutely savage on Sky:

Jamie’s spitting hot fire! If Fulham are any example of what can happen when a team drops down, Villa could very well be in for a tough go next year if they drop into the Championship.

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30/46: Rotherham 0, Blues 0 — Two Points Dropped?

Rotherham_United_FCOn Saturday, Blues traveled to Rotherham for a clash against a team in the midst of the Championship’s relegation battle. The two teams battled to a nil-nil draw, leading to what could be either:

  1. A crucial point to Blues’ playoff hopes and the Miller’s attempt to stay in the division.
  2. Or, two points dropped by Blues in the playoff race and two points the Millers may have been able to grab in a closely contested home fixture.

It’s really a matter of if you’re a half full or half empty sort of view of it. Either view is probably fair.

Following the game on Blues Player, the first half sounded like not much at all happening, the teams feeling things out. In the second, the game opened up and both teams had chances. The shots ended up 10-10, showing a fairly even affair. Blues had an advantage late on, when Richard Wood was send off for a second yellow card in the 79th for a poor tackle on Clayton Donaldson, but couldn’t capitalize with the extra man.   Continue reading