32/46: QPR 2, Blues 0 – Well, at Least We Won the Fight

Blues lost 2-0 at QPR on Saturday and by all accounts it was not a great effort. Rangers took the lead just after the half hour mark, doubled it minutes later by converting a penalty and never looked back. To add to the troubles, Blues fans are accused of coin throwing and QPR are accused of almost crushing Blues fans outside the gates (as an outsider, the fact that there isn’t proper ingress and egress at big league grounds in the year 2016 is astounding — but that’s a thought for a different post).

It’s a crazy set of events and Blues themselves released a statement denouncing the coin throwing, while also throwing shade at QPR and the local police for terrible handling of the situation. It’s all really astounding that this is how professional clubs handle issues. Continue reading

30/46: Rotherham 0, Blues 0 — Two Points Dropped?

Rotherham_United_FCOn Saturday, Blues traveled to Rotherham for a clash against a team in the midst of the Championship’s relegation battle. The two teams battled to a nil-nil draw, leading to what could be either:

  1. A crucial point to Blues’ playoff hopes and the Miller’s attempt to stay in the division.
  2. Or, two points dropped by Blues in the playoff race and two points the Millers may have been able to grab in a closely contested home fixture.

It’s really a matter of if you’re a half full or half empty sort of view of it. Either view is probably fair.

Following the game on Blues Player, the first half sounded like not much at all happening, the teams feeling things out. In the second, the game opened up and both teams had chances. The shots ended up 10-10, showing a fairly even affair. Blues had an advantage late on, when Richard Wood was send off for a second yellow card in the 79th for a poor tackle on Clayton Donaldson, but couldn’t capitalize with the extra man.   Continue reading