32/46: QPR 2, Blues 0 – Well, at Least We Won the Fight

Blues lost 2-0 at QPR on Saturday and by all accounts it was not a great effort. Rangers took the lead just after the half hour mark, doubled it minutes later by converting a penalty and never looked back. To add to the troubles, Blues fans are accused of coin throwing and QPR are accused of almost crushing Blues fans outside the gates (as an outsider, the fact that there isn’t proper ingress and egress at big league grounds in the year 2016 is astounding — but that’s a thought for a different post).

It’s a crazy set of events and Blues themselves released a statement denouncing the coin throwing, while also throwing shade at QPR and the local police for terrible handling of the situation. It’s all really astounding that this is how professional clubs handle issues.

The coin throwing, if true, is in especially poor taste considering what happened at another West Midlands club just last week. There’s no room for it, it’s dangerous and it’s exactly why in the USA, we’re treated like the children we are; the concession vendors take bottle caps away when you order a drink to prevent these kinds of incidents (obviously, not a perfect analogy as it’s crazy to take everyone’s coins away). That side, it’s unreal that 17 years after Hillsborough, there’s any issue at all with entrance to a stadium. Via Make Blues Great Again:

This was a small, narrow, residential street with lots of fences, railings, cones. Blues fans were falling over the cones and getting trampled on before people helped them to their feet. I was crushed against a wall and had to swivel here and there to create a bit of breathing room. I looked over to the right and a dad was holding his son aloft, above his head, who was crying in a flood of tears and was scared for his life.

‘What the hell is going on? We’re being crushed here. Why won’t they let us in?’

The police officer responded ‘Apparently two Birminam fans were drunk going through the turnstiles and had a little scuffle, so QPR have shut the gates and they aren’t letting anybody in.’

If this is how things went outside the stadium, is it any wonder that everyone was all riled up once they got in? Thankfully, I haven’t seen any reports of anyone seriously injured — and hopefully that’s the case.

Following along on Twitter, there were all kind of reports of Brummie trouble makers and QPR was quick to issue a statement after the matching placing the blame at the hands of our fans. Seems like a quick job of covering their ass and controlling the media’s story, which they successfully did. But why should that even be a priority?

Blues rolled out the red carpet for Bolton fans a week prior, by giving them free concessions. On the contrary, QPR cause chaos outside their own ground and moan when the situation inside the ground gets crazy? Come on, now. The unfortunate thing is there won’t be any repercussions for either team and things will continue until something worse happens. That’s not how sporting event should be handled in the 21st century.

Anyway, on to something lighter. If you haven’t seen it before — and I doubt that’s the case — here’s the biggest shot of the weekend:

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